How to Chop an Onion

For the beginner kitchibitionists out there, I thought I’d go through the easiest way to chop an onion, and you can do it all in three steps.  After all, almost every recipe starts with chopped onion, and more efficient chopping means less time crying from onion fumes.  So grab a knife, grab an onion, and let’s do this.

Step 1: Make the onion your friend.
Not as cheesy as it sounds, folks.  Cutting something round is terrible – you want to make flat surfaces so that the onion is stable while you are chopping it.  So cut off both pointy ends of the onion, peel the brown outer layer off, and stand it on one now-flat part.  Cut it in half from top to bottom, and lay the two halves flat.
Step 2: Slice each half parallel to the cut ends.  Watch your fingers – hold the onion steady, but make sure they are out of the way of the knife!

Why parallel, you ask?  Because if you slice parallel, the onion will stay together much better when you get to the next step!  This step and the next step are where you determine how finely you chop the onion–make slices very close together to mince, or far apart to roughly chop.

Step 3: Carefully rotate each sliced half a quarter turn, and move across the onion, making slices perpendicular to the ones you already made.

And voila!  Chopped onion!

Onion on Foodista


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