Not-Your-Grandma’s Stuffed Mushrooms

This is some serious party food. Or not-party food – if you’re feeling scandalous, you could even make them for dinner. These mushrooms came from The Pioneer Woman Cooks and are no joking matter. I made them with jack cheese instead of brie (I know, I have an unhealthy addiction to jack cheese….but someone else was already making something with brie, and I wanted to make something different) and they were incredibly easy and incredibly good.

Another thing: In repentance for having fallen off the blog-wagon this past week or two, I am going try to be extra good in the coming weeks about posting and putting up pictures. We’ll see how this goes…

the cast of characters

8 oz baby bella (crimini) mushrooms, wiped off and stems pulled out
2 oz (1/4 stick) butter, more if you can stand it
1 tbsp minced garlic
5 scallions
a handful of flat-leaf parsely (I used 1/2 bunch)
a block of cheese – take your pick. Pioneer Woman used brie; I used jack.


clean and stem the shrooms, then make sure they fit in your baking dish. don't be afraid to crowd them in there.

melt half the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. add the mushrooms.

roughly chop the parsely, and discard the stems.

slice the scallions up to a few inches away from the top of the green part.

remove the mushrooms from the pan and put them in the baking dish. melt the other half of the butter, and add the scallions, parsley and garlic. try not to swoon - it will smell amazing.

while the green stuff cooks for a minute, cut the cheese into pieces to fit inside the mushroom caps.

dump all the garlicky-buttery-goodness over the mushrooms, and make sure all the mushrooms get some of the goodness.

bake for 15-20 minutes at 400. check on them around 10 to make sure nothing's burning. then plate and serve, to your friends' amazement.


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